Вершы: Yukmouth. Godzilla.

(Special Report, straight in from Hong Kong
Godzilla spotted in the Pacific
Heading straight for California
Run for your liiiives!)

[VERSE 1: Yukmouth]
You niggas been created a monster
I choke ya like a anaconda, stomp ya
Pop you with the chopper, slap a helicopter out the sky, partna
You don't want no drama with the mobster
Where your ammo and your armour? Breathe fire, spit lava
My shit hotter, you fall off like Spin Doctors
The rims on the Benz spin proper
If it's a black Madonna model chick I been knocked her
And fuck a record deal, once you flop they gon' drop ya
Smoke-A-Lot, you can't stop us
Platinum dragon Rockwell, dank and vodka, hate impostors
Me and J the new Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra
The godfather of the South signed Yukmouth
I'm thugged the fuck out, moved birds our the drug house
Now celebrity broads get dugged out
Luxury cars is dubbed out, I pull the truck out the plush house
I gives a fuck about the fame, give me boss scrilla
The worldwide mob figure, keep it Godzilla

(Boss up and do it big)
Big money, big cars, big jewelry, big crib
Keep it Godzilla
(Off top I think big)
Think money, think cars, think jewerly, think crib

[VERSE 2: Yukmouth]
Mashin, mashin in my Benzo coupe
From out the window poof!
The chronic smoke let the criminal loose
I'm stompin in my Timbo boots
Every club I get my Indo and my pistol through
My goons resemble the Gooch, got niggas scared
The way we make the paper make haters have nightmares
At every event me and my niggas right there
With them Grey Goose bottles in the air, no Belvedere
Get it clear, it's our year, so boss yourself up
You got three minutes before this crew self-destruct
And prove yourself, step it up before you step to Yuk
Remember I'm Godzilla, I crush your Lexus truck
You niggas know who we are, nigga, I ball like a star
Buy out the bar, smoke chronic-filled cigars
Platinum CL's, Spreewells on the car
[?] bezel attract females from afar


[VERSE 3: Yukmouth]
House off the water so my kids can live like a baller
I used to serve bricks tryin to live like my father
End up in the pen like my father
Learned to pimp my pin like a author
Cop the Benz and the prala
Hummers in the summer, rock minks every winter
In Virginia, "the most beautifullest thing - I get in ya"
Serve ya like a bartender, fuck a next contender
One phrase will end ya, to the grave I send ya
Remember Godzilla pull up on dub spinners
I raised in the Villa, ain't nothin but thug in us
Gangsteres and drug dealers, killers that bust a slug in a
Punk nigga, hustle for scrilla, don't give a fuck, nigga
Life is based on money and hoes
What type of vehicle you roll, is your necklace froze?
If so, the bitches chose, your dick they rode
Keep it Godzilla, my nigga, go get that dough