Вершы: Yukmouth. Get Stupid, Go Dumb.

get stupid go dumb, ya thats our click
i gives a fucc if u a dime i still calls ya a bitch,
u proly seen us in the club 30 deep equipted with clips
an hella wips out side talkin shit
we pay to get in nothin rush the doe so kwic
21 with no sense security gaurd so tense
'cause we HYPHY aint no tellin wat we mite do
the light bright red but we still slidin throo
hypnotic got me ku pill poped about 2
we done smoked about a quarter now already wat it do
i dont know about u but im feelin my self
whoa let me calm down im killin myself
NO i get stupid so i gotta keep on
i could last about a week long till my battery
gone 6 hours and im charged then im back in the zone
back in the zone get stupid show em how we actin at home

get stupid go dumb [x8]
we some stunnas yall some runnas
now get stupid go dumb [x4]

nigga im swiggin my shit u shakin ur dreds get stupid
im makin my bred im shakin the feds get dumb
u makin a spred and takin ya meds u stupid
im bussin they head and bussin my led im dumb
fuk a club nigga im a thug nigga with drug dealers
mug nigga with ma middle finga up screamin fuk nigga
wat nigga u from wat i gives a fuk nigga
run up on yuk and get bucked ill have ya touched nigga

u ever c a thousand killas bum rushed nigga
and c 20 of ya bitch niggas getin stuck niggas
get jumped clips dumped leave ya slumped nigga
body in a dump nigga u dont want no funk nigga
i get stupid like a metaly disturbed smokin herb
swingin the suburb thats for the burbs
i rock mynk furs and shit u never heard
and 20 bay niggas on stage going bizerk


[Mac Dre]
wen i step up in da club i get hyphy b like wat
i cut it up - fuck it up - stuff it up - roll it up - puff it up
boy im tryin a buss a nut holla at baby wats wit it
fuk wit it ill bust niggas dat sucks and bucks wit it
im nutz wit it stupid d-u-m-b keep a bitch broke like huey mc
im a p-i-m-p straight up out the V the bay u now im straight
aint nobody bad like me aint nobody sav like me
i keep it c.u.t. t.h.r.o.a.t ish u aint notice punk bitch im the coldest
gimme ya rolex its drugs for the rich no chips i aint got no luv for the bitch
im thug for the chips my frito lays swoop shorty in da cutty
roll and showem they stupid ol ways gucci them j's
stuey is how we come bust a lung nigga get supid go dumb