Вершы: Trans Siberian Orchestra. Beethoven's Last Night. What Good This Deafness.

What good this deafness
That my whole life I have dread?
What good this deafness
With these voices in my head?

What good this deafness
If this prattle I must hear?
If I were blind
I'm sure they wouldn't disappear

Did you really want to believe what you're saying?
Did you really want to be here alone?
Have I interrupted a moment of praying?
While your life's decaying, your sins, are they weighing?
While you've been carving your stone
All on your own

Did you really want to sit here in silence?
Could it be that brooding is part of your art?
Is it an extension of artistic license
A moody defiance of all of life's tyrants?
While you've been searching your heart
Alone with us in the dark