Вершы: Trans Siberian Orchestra. Beethoven's Last Night. This Is Who You Are.

Sometimes, slowly, time brings revelation
Waiting softly for someone to believe
That the ghosts we've hidden or left to die
Have now arisen and will arrive
To say what has happened
Say what has happened
Say what has happened to me

And who would have thought that you'd be the one
That I would have found here waiting
Lost in this night until you arrived
And always too blind to see

And who would have thought that after this time
That I'd be the one you're saving
Now undisguised the ghosts that survive
Now say what was meant to be

I never wanted to give my life away
Who ever thought it would matter any way?
Wandering inside this night
Finding pieces of a life
Never sure I'd ever know what it means

It's the strangers in your life
That you never thought you'd meet
It's the hand that picked you up
When you're laying in the street
It's the hand that cut you down
It's the dream that someone shared
When you thought that all was lost
It's the friend that wasn't there

You can run from all the memory but never get that far
For in the end they'll find you
For this is who you are

Change one note, change one line
Nothing's going to be the same
Change one loss, change one cut
Everything is rearranged
Every act cruel or kind lost inside our memory
If you look there in time you'll find it in
Find it in
Find it in
Find it in
Find it in
Find it in me