Вершы: Too $hort. Get In Where You Fit In. It's All Good.

Man, this bitch blowing my beeper up
Ready to put a hole up in one of these bitches, man

Sup? Guess you wondered where I was at
When you beeped me last night and I didn't call back
Supposed to be there, meet you at the house at 9
You made a candlelight dinner just to wine and dine

And I didn't even show up
You beeped me 20 million times, made my beeper blow up
Thought you shot me to the left 'cause I'm a D-O-G
But you called so I guess it's still cool for me

To get freaky, you know I got that git back
I come right when I hit that
And if you tell me right now, it's cool today
As soon as I'm through, I be on my way

Do I look like the type of lady
That'll talk to a brother that's shady, hell no
But you can wine and dine me
Spend a little time with me, it's all good

'Cause I love the way you take me
Ooh boy you shake me, when we lay down
Got my head spinning around

I need a woman that's down for me
Always on my side, not my enemy
We could be gangsters, lovers, parents or friends
But whatever we do, do it straight to the end

We'll make love like professionals
You and me baby, fuck the rest of them hoes
You know how much we like being together
Seems like every second, it's getting wetter

So good, I wish it'd last forever
'Cause it would never get no better than this
I know you feel the same
Moaning so loud all the neighbors complained

And all the people tried to tell you, I was phony
Talking all that junk and don't even know me
Last night, I was chilling at the club
Chilling with my patnas when your friends rolled up

Flirting with your nigga behind your back
They called you on the phone and told you where I was at
Your girlfriend's trying to run your world
You'd better stop listening to them other girls

Never cared about those other girls
It's something about the way you rock my world
Even though you make me cry
I still wait alone for you at night, but it's all good

I couldn't come home last night 'cause I was out making money
But I'll come home tonight if you want me
'Cause you sure looking good today
I take you to your house and let you have it your way

Ooh boy, ohh, it's all good
It's all good to me, baby

I just keep on fucking you all night long
Me and you baby got it going on
You ain't tripping every time you see me
You get loose and you get so freaky

I never meant to break your heart
You gave it all to me and I tore it apart
Talked about love right to the end
But I'm a tell you like it is, I'll never do it again

I'm from East Oakland, I'm an ice-cold player
Born to Mack and got women everywhere
I got one up in E.P.A.
And two down in South Central L.A.

One in Frisco and one in Berkeley
Got a few Southern girls just to work me
Is that what you wanted to hear?
That your man is the player of the year?

I need a woman that's down for me
Always on my side, not my enemy
We could be gangsters, lovers, parents or friends
But whatever we do, do it straight to the end

I said the very same thing in the beginning
We played the game but it's in the 9th inning
You'd better wake up and smell the dank
It really don't seem to be what you think, beyotch

I'm all about getting my bank
You be the car and I'll fill your tank
'Cause nothing don't come for free
Unless your ass don't want to be with me, beyotch

Boy, have you been listening?
I can't let you go since I know what I'm missing
And can you fell it in my touch
That I want you so much, and it's all good

It's all good, baby
I'm trying to tell you boy, that it's good
It's all good, it's all good, baby baby baby
Ohh, like that baby, like that
It's all good, it's all good
It's all good, it's all good