Вершы: Tonedeff. Battle Rhyme Hookers.

This here is like Rosanne winning the lotto...beating me? Fat chance
You couldn't flip shit, with a turd and a spatula doing a handstand
In a gravity chamber, lacking with the lame attack you're rapping back
with/You're stepping to Massive flames to find you're made of Plastic
You get your Ass whipped, like donkeys to discipline
You SUCK, you've been harassing your mother for sip her tits again
The think-speed of my mind is blistering
But, you're slow in the head, like niggas fishing for sharks in Lake Michigan
I'll twist your skin with some verbal conditioning
Cause me squishing your head is easy like tricking bitches in Switzerland
You're wishing when you think you've stuck me spitting
You could put a hole in my paper and you still couldn't fuck with my writtens
Nigga, you're sweet like puppies and kittens
You milk wackness like Bad Boy uses Biggie tapes to keep Puffy in business
I shutter your senses, whenever I mutter a sentence
With more oral reconstruction than could ever come from a dentist
Even with pretense, you could never prevent this senseless rhyme chemist
From injecting kids so their jaws lock with tetanus infections
Direct the aggression you're tempted to threaten me with and battle yourself
Cause expelling my name from your lungs is bad for your health
I've amassed a wealth of trophies from kids who provoked me
Even Jamaican kids say you're less of a MON than Poke
I'm wherever the Gumby, Dammit, chewing impostors
I've even been known to punch lines like Coke sniffing boxers
I dug nostradamus out of his grave tell me your future
Said NAS was pissed you stole his style and was coming to shoot ya
Your crying pleas for help are met with the stone face of Medusa
You rapping is funny, but I'll leave you in stitches like sutures
I'm as equal a threat to producers as I am to Rappers
Lyrical He-Man, atop of the Universe is where I hold my Masters
Fuck France, I scream, 'viva la Tonedeff'!
Bitch, Your rhyme was out of place just like niggas that's homeless
I'll extort for things that you ain't own yet
I'll stick your head in a freezer for 3 days just to see how cold your toes get
I bubble with glee when there's trouble with me
I got you more weak in the knees than Chris Reeves in SWV
Pull up a chair as I'm grasping your mandible
The memory of you existed's the only thing that's Intangible
Tonedeff is actual, living, but really though
Cause, I'm nastier than 4.000 of them German shit-fetish videos
More lines than Skinemax got titty-shows
Just trying to take me down is is like trying to sink a plastic bag of Cheerios
I'm Cereal Killer, stalking Lucky the Leprechaun
Popped the Porcupine for the Corn he was spitting within his lexicon
Fucked your girl in the bed you rested on
I'm gonna get you!!" It'll be me, the rhythm, and Gloria Estefan
Emilio ain't feeling no lyrics you droppin
You're getting shot-up like kids in 3D movies in Compton
Ill psychologically Melt you down like 1 inch candles
Cause even if you're a tough guy, you'll be needing a shrink like Tony Soprano
Man, oh, man, oh, man...I'm nice
With volumes of rhymes that knock harder than Jay-Z's life
I'll make your brain freeze twice, like chugging a double slurpee
In the kiss of the spiderwoman, William couldn't Hurt me
Cause you could train harder than subway cars in Dojos
And I'll still be makin ya run raps
'til your heart bursts like your fuckin name was FloJo
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