Вершы: Ice T. O.G. Original Gangster. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous.

{Yo yo Ice whats poppin' G
I'm just coolin' out Shinning Mac, I was listening to your demo tapes
Yo man you sound kinda hyped man, yo' gonna blow up this ear boy
Yeah you know I wanna come out, I wanna go out on tour with you man
Yo hons man tourin' ain't what it's all cranked up to be man
It's a little different than you think man
Yo so what is it really like baby}

It's eight a.m. I roll out my silk sheets
Get fly crash the Limo back seats
Lookin' in the faces of some ladies that I never met
On the interview tip, no sweat

They ask me questions, I throw the words back
They say they write facts, I know that's bull crap
They're kickin' drama, but then drama's my middle name
That's the price ya pay for big fame

The cellular phone rings dont' wanna pick it up
But it's my J O B, I gotta kick it up
Another damn reporter on the line with a word quiz
I gotta show 'cause I'm livin' in the showbiz

Outta the Limo, to the plane in the pourin' rain
I hate flyin' but there's no time for slow trains
Another show to do, I gotta catch my crew
They left last night in the bus around two

The plane's a small one, no fun at all
Bouncin' round the air like a tennis ball
When it touches down I wanna kiss the ground
But it's time to wreck a new town

Get to the arena, meet up with the crew
They tell me all the speakers blew
The cordless don't work, sound man's a jerk
Somebody's gonna get hurt

I'm crazy mad but my fans want autographs
I turn my angry frowns into fake laughs
I can't be rude 'cause they wouldn't understand
I ain't human no more, I'm a Superman

You can try but you'll never understand this
You can try but you'll never understand this
Try an' try but you'll never understand this
The lifestyles of the rich and infamous

Alright you got five minutes in store dude
Then after that you got a photo session right on yo
Grab masses, spin, I don't know
There's a fucking bunch of people that want to see you

Four hours till show time, oh well
I might as well check in the hotel
Get a little rest before it's time to play
Ten brothers standin' in the hallway

All with demo tapes, they need the hook up
They heard that I was the one to look up
I can't ditch 'em 'cause they already saw me
I'll put my head down, maybe they'll ignore me

No chance "Ice what's goin' on?"
I listened to twenty-five songs
And after that the brothers still wouldn't leave
They started lookin' at my T.V

I was gonna break down if they didn't jet soon
Snuck across the hall and crashed in E's room
But then this freak came in thought I was E
Straddled her legs across me

Ripped off her blouse pushed her breast against my face
Started gyratin' her waist
Sounds fly like a hype sex thriller?
But see she looked like Godzilla

Pushed her off me, home girl hit the floor
This is what it's like on tour
I hit the hallway, it was crawlin' thick
"Could we take this picture real quick?"

Jumped into a pose that I used a million times before
Took pictures with the whole damn floor
I couldn't say no not to my fans
You see they wouldn't understand

You can try but you'll never understand this
Try an' try but you'll never understand this
You can try but you'll never understand this
The lifestyles of the rich and infamous

Alright will somebody gets these hoes off the bus
Get the god damn girls off the bus
No more backstage passes, whose [incomprehensible] is this
Get everybody out of the room, the hotels gonna throw us out
Where is Ice T, he's got the socks and more pigeons up here
Evilyn lost the fuckin' records

Now it's show time, time to flow time
Evil lost the records but we still gotta go time
The house is packed, everybody's on their feet
So I say, "Throw on Rakim's beat"

I'm catchin' problems from every angle
The mic cords are tangled
I try to flow smooth but my words are mangled
Damn near slipped and broke my ankle

If that ain't enough, the police are hawkin'
Listenin' real close to the words I'm talkin'
They wanna put a brother like me in the back seat
Just because I curse the beat

E hits the fader and the crowd is lit
I start bustin' off some new shit
The stage is so smokey that I almost fall off
I start inhalin' it, I'm tryin' not to cough

They wanna tap my phone wanna keep my crib bugged
Call all my homes, felonist, street thugs
You might say I think this lifestyle sucks?
I wouldn't trade it for a million bucks
Although it's all not glamor and gleam
It's still my dream

You can try but you'll never understand this
The lifestyles of the rich and infamous
Yo, this is dedicated to all my fans
To support Ice T and the Rhymes syndicate
Peace I love ya
The lifestyles of the rich and infamous