Вершы: Screeching Weasel. How To Make Enemies And Irritate People. Kathy's On The Roof (ben Weasel).

She's got a place to go when she gets sad She opens her window and sits on the
roof whenever she is feeling bad She's sick of these rules and she's sick of
this world and she's totally sick of her life She says the mundane fries like
eggs on her brain and now we all think she's lost her mind Kathy's on the roof
again she's going down Eating too little and sleeping too much She was manic
and now she's depressed She ought to be with her peer group indeed she just
needs to get things off her chest They prod and they probe they sedate and
they shock they can't seem to get through to that girl She only speaks about
once every week and then all she'll say is fuck the world Kathy's on the roof
again she's going down Her mother says she's crazy and her sister says she's

not But everybody thinks she's flaky We've gotta figure out just what's wrong
with her It's time to look into the cabinet and make sure Kathy is taking her
meds it's time to prop Kathy in front of the TV and wipe the drool off her
dress The sound of the Mexicans cutting the lawn again was buzzing throughout
the whole house We couldn't find her so we looked outside and saw Kathy all
over the ground

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