Вершы: Public Enemy. Rebirth of a Nation. Consequences.

[Intro/Chorus: Paris]
Is it a, coincidence that we ain't taught truth
A, coincidence that they target the youth
A, coincidence everything is the same
That a message in the music ain't a part of the game
A, coincidence that we livin a lie
A, coincidence that we only get by
A, coincidence that so many are lost
And do prison time 'fore we notice the cost

It really ain't difficult to break the mold
And take a close look at the lies we're told
Wipe away the facade, see we got to know
See the plot to control and to rot the soul
You can make anybody that don't read believe
anything that they see on the TV screen
That a lie is reality, the sky is green
That there's weapons in Iraq, and the President's clean
When it's on, thinkin you can trust police
Every black is a beast and our women are cheap
And that brothers gettin murdered is the way of the streets
That it's normal to die when we still in our teens
And that's the way it is, what's the use to try
That school is a motherfuckin waste of time
Slang yay, die young, maybe get rich rhymin
And prison if you black is just a part of life
And that all of America support the Pres'
Religion is the way, and we all full of sin
That it's better after death if we suffer and pray
Even though they fuck us off in this life today
And that white Jesus hangin on the wall in church
ain't a part of a lie to keep a brother subservient
And that the whole world need the word "Amen"
Got troops overseas gettin murdered for free
If you buy that shit, I got a bridge to sell
Like I said I'm a rebel, so I must re-bel
And lies be the truth now, war is peace
Like corporations don't dictate the streets
Like brothers don't die for the diamond or bling
Like brothers don't die over songs we sing
Like patri-ots act like the Patriot Act
While we swing on this bitch 'til we break it in half


You guilty if arrested and niggaz are thugs
Only good for welfare, murder and drugs

The media is true, with no bias at all
And Fox News ain't on the President's balls
That Lacey and O.J. and Kobe and Mike
ain't bullshit and really do matter in life
That you shouldn't be insulted they give 'em the time
but never talk about all this corporate crime
That they generatin news stay loose with facts
Relate fake views that'll keep us attracted
like sheep so we don't think, never react
Never question authority, never suspect
Never trip off of why what matters to us
always seem unimportant, and never get love
Why it's never any money for the school support
But it's fallin out the sky for these corporate wars


They never give real shit space to shine
Just donkey-ass niggaz on assembly line
Cookie cutter pop-slutter make music designed
to pedal Coca-Cola, Motorola and Sprite
No love for the Enemy with video play
But they give Flav a show to take the focus away
from the realest group ever made, whaddya say
when to them it's Eminem that's goin down as the greatest?
When the plan is a shame like we makin a choice
Understand it's a scam who get handed a voice
And it's only a few and they decide in advance
Like votin for the President and both of them fam
All that "God bless America, and nobody else"
But I can smell racism, however it's dealt
Know the real shit never miss, see how it's felt
All around the world, hear the people cryin for help


[Outro: Paris]
A, coincidence ex-cons can't vote
A, coincidence they can't get no work
A, coincidence that they can't hold heat
Now they know that they enemy don't look like me
A, coincidence that we shit out of luck
The consequence of coincidences all add up
When you never know the reason and you're set up to suffer
The offense is coincidence is never the cause