Вершы: Nas. Da Bridge 2001.

(Aiyyo calm down, fall back!
Y'all Queensbridge always fightin up in here!)

[Marley Marl]
Ladies and gentlemen, we got Queensbridge Finest up in this mothafucker
They just came from war
They wanna let you know a little something about where they come from

"The-the Bridge" "Queensbridge" "The-the Bridge"
"The-the Bridge" "Queensbridge" "The-the Bridge"
"The-the Bridge" "Queensbridge" "The-the Bridge"
"The-the Bridge" "Queensbridge"

[MC Shan]
You love to hear the story, again and again
About a rap dynasty that just won't end
The monument, still in your face
Niggas played out, Shan still in the place
Hip hop was set out in the dark
The Bridge was never Over, we left our mark
The jam is dedicated to you and your boys
I brought my Queensbridge thugs to kill that noise

If you was an out-of-towner, had to know somebody wit strength
You know the drill, shit was real, fuck around, got killed
You know the Hill breed of thugs, death to those that squeal
Squeezin them slugs, one love to thugs that died in the field
So many names don't got time to spit em, but through my rhymes they livin
We the Bridge through tracks I'm givin
Never lose sight, 41st Side's my life
The 40th Side of life, dunn we keepin it tight

Yo it ain't just the music
Group aspirations or ghetto illustions
It's the product, east side, and all the beautiful children
And unleashed dreams comin through each building
If you sleep, you better wake up as you see
Mega more mature, I'm on a record wit Nature
Mind on my paper, nine in my waist
There's no denyin the greatness
Queensbridge, never try to disgrace it

[Millennium Thug]
Aiyyo the Queensbridge associations breeds similarity
Bricked up, chipped off rocked out salaries
Pull out long guns, pop out casualities
It's like I gotta see a thug nigga ill as me
The Ill Will in me, I rep that willingly
Step back enemies, death tracks feelin me
Six blocks, losin my mind
Runnin from D's
These P's got me usin my nine, I pop off

Y'all know the place where stars is from
Every night it sparks off and the crowds'll run
We leave chicks strippin over strollers (Slippin Sova)
In Queens, you be the victim till you get to know us
Your hood's bogus, my hood be keepin it crunk
So much be jumpin off I ain't sleep in a month
Y'all can play the front line, I be deep in the cut
Drive through, you can't peep it enough
You in the Bridge nigga

You must pay homage to my projects
We thorough to the end
Only jail and death divide us
From rap to the crack suppliers
Out-of-towners get knocked off
We regualte blocks laws
I had the hood like Watts flooded wit cop force
QB to the cracks in the pavement
Mister Everything that ? pool for stacks in a basement
Niggas understand the drama we bring
The legacy, dynasty upholding the ring where QB is king, what!

Yo for you I take a fifth to the head till I url
Boomerang dunn, QB bust they gun
Keep them PC niggas on the run, one
Mahti specialist, 2-5 the nemesis
The last verse, "T.O.N.Y." remember this
Resurrect through the birth of my seed, crime genetic
You synthetic, your gangsta's cosmetic
I move niggas telekinetic, who wanna set it

Yo yo move...
Me and my dogs comin through
We the grain, go against us you feel pain
Get ranked on, we beat niggas numb
These niggas is dumb, you can't resist my dunns
2001 we still thump, the fuck happened to ya'll?
We like that snowball, goin downhill
We get large, you get bullets lodged
In your jaw, your ribs, your arms
We party hard, at the bar
Buyin bottles of overpriced styles and Remy Mar
The Head Niggas In Charge
We number one, QB there's no competition
Infamous Records, Bars and Hooks listen
Littles, Noyd, and Mega
We independent, dunn we Infamous Mobbin
G.O.D., Nitty and Twin in
The Ill Will Bravehearts, L.E.S. millennium

Yo blow faces, fo-fo blazes, no one's safe
This music mogul rollin wit a hundred soldiers
Gangstas we postal
Oh you didn't, wanna know whose life Was Written
The life I'm livin
The ice the women
The kites that sendin to lifeless biddin
The streets to prison
I touch you then buck you
Heats be spittin
La-ser, AR fifteen doors come down
Jaws is broke, your whole crew is coffin bound
Your hoe, your man, lieutenant, your boss get found
This dough I got, I spend it and toss around
New York it's time we flip it, where you from?
Ladies, it's time we flip it, where you from?
Now tell me who was the true thugs in videos first?
Who had the projects behind us, who bit it the worst?
We from the largest project, yo the biggest on earth
Queensbridge know they history, left y'all cursed cuz

[Chorus] *repeat to fade*
Keep on rockin the Bridge and keep rockin
If the beats stop rockin, the Bridge'll keep rockin