Вершы: Hannah Montana. I Am Hannah Hear Me Croak Full Script.

Hannah: Thank you i love you too goodnight everybody!
crowd: Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!!!
Hannah: You guys want more? Y'all are awesome I'll sing all night if you want! Lets kick it guys!
(I Got Nerve starts playing)
Jackson: You want some toast? I bet you do...
Robby: Please add some jam and butter too,
Jackson: Were out of grape so sad, it all your fault you bad dad!
Robby: You know what son?
Jackson: Yeah, dad?
Robby: You got nerve!
(Miley walks out)
Robby: There she is! Six enchoors! The voice that wouldn't stop!
Miley:(croaky) Well they were such a great aud-. they were such a great audi-. Well this isn't good!
Robby: Here, try some of this.
(pours juice)
(Miley takes a sip)
Miley:(trying to sing) Life's what you make it... Help me!
(Miley over a humidifier)
Miley: Do Re Mi Fa Soooo...Not working!
Robby: And it won't work if you keep talking. You know honey this used to happen to me all the time when I was on tour. The only
thing that would help is when your Momma told me not to talk for a while.
Miley: I can do that.
Robby: Mile.
Miley: What?
Robby: You're talking.
Miley: Dang, oh, dang!
(Cover her mouth with arm)
Robby: There you go. Now listen, keep it like that or we're gonna have to cancel the big concert on tv Saturday.

Jackson: Thats a girl now if u need to say anything for the next couple of days just use that. Hannah Montana has never canceled a
concert before and she is not about to start now. I know that would just break your heart, and when your hearts breaks baby sis, so does mine!
Robby:(Talking for Miley) You got a hot date for the concert don't you Jerkson.
Jackson: Dad?!
Robby: She wrote it!
Jackson: Ugh, I can't believe you think I'm that selfish you'd put my own sis
Robby(interrupts): Whats her name son?
Jackson: Jenny and shes a total babe! So put cork in it froggy. I got a lot of ridin' on this.
Robby: Ah, ah, ah, use the pad.
(Miley Hits Jackson with the writing pad)
Robby: Couldn't have said it better myself.
(Miley smiles into space)
Lilly:Miley, I know you want to get better but sucking on those lollipops isn't gonna do anything but rot your teeth.
Miley:(mumbling) Huhnuh!
Miley:(mumbling) Huhnuh!
(Car release sound)
Lilly: Miley, release. Fine, you leave me no choice.
Tickle, tickle, tickle!!
Miley: Ahh!
Lilly: Hah.
Oliver: Wow a week with out talking. Thats gotta be hard for a girl. Not us guys, we're different. I don't need to talk. I couldn't talk for a month wouldn't bother me at all. But girls just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! Hey, Sally! Nice capris, oh I like your purse!...
Okay now thats just rude.
Lilly: Miley, I know this is gonna be hard for you but you gotta stop fighting it. And don't worry, we're gonna be here for you until you get your voice back.
Hot Guy: Hey Lilly, you wanna catch a few?
Lilly: Oh yeah!...Please, please, please, please? Look!
Oliver: You know this is nice. Just sittin' here, the sun, the beach thats the thing about nature that is just so quiet and peaceful.
Not like what you get in the city! Ehh ehh! Whoo whoo whoo! Pull the vehicle over! Pull th-
(miley hitting her self)
Oliver: I know, drives me crazy, too!
Dex: Hey, Oliver.
Oliver: What up, Dex?
Dex: Miley, feeling better? Great so maybe if ur not busy Friday night, maybe we could to the movies or something.
Oliver: Hey, I got this one for you.(speaking for miley) In your dreams! A ponit, Dexter!(tells miley)We're playing hard to get.(Miley hits Oliver)

Oliver: Okay... What she meant was, movies shmovie just plant one on her right now, Big Boy! Ouch! Will you make up your mind you and me
are making Dex signals.
dex: Maybe some other time!...

Teacher: Four score and seven years ago is the beginning of what famous speech? Finger on my hand. find the smartest in the land! Beep
Beep beep beep
beep, sliding Oken I can still see you...Miley! Make me smiley!
Lily: I got this one for you... Mileys answer is the Bettysburgh address...Uh, i think she means Betty-burghs address! Whos Bettyburgh? What?! The only other thing on
here is "I heart Dex" and I'm not going to say that with him sitting right there...oops!

Jackson: Okay it will be exactly 1 week in 3...2...1...SPEAK!
Robbie Ray: Darling I know your scared, but we have to find out sooner or later.
jackson: Dads right, Miles...Miles?.....Oh great. Now she can't hear either! You are falling apart just when Jenny and I need you the most! That is so like you!
Miley: Would you shut it already, I'm nervous enough and I dont know if I can- I CAN TALK!
lilly: It's so good to hear your voice again!
Miley:" I heart Dex"?!
Lilly: The last thing you want to do is over work it!
Miley: "Bettyburghs address"!?!
Oliver: Oh, ho, ho...Boy, did you make her look DUMB!
oliver: Oh like you weren't thinking that!
Robbie: Okay, now that Miley can talk, lets see if Hannah can sing.
Robbie:(singing) Don't let no small frustration, ever bring you down.
Lilly & Oliver: No, no, no!
Robbie: Just take a situation and turn it all around!
Miley: (singing) With a new attitude everything can change, make it all you want it to be! Stayin' mad, why do that? Give yourself a break. Laugh about it and you'll see! Life's what you make it so let's make it rock!
Lilly & Oliver: Make it rock, yeah!
Miley: Life's what you make it so come on!
Lilly, Oliver & Miley: Come on, Come on, everybody now!
Oliver: Weh, wow!
Jackson: Oh Jenny, isn't the concert wonderful? Whats that? Oh you bad girl!
Hannah: Life's what you make it so lets make it rock! Life's what you make it so (Next part croaky) come on!...Come on!
Doctor: I'm sorry, Miley. But this problem is not going away on it's own. If you ever want to sing again, I'm afraid you'll need surgery
Miley: Surgery? Really?!
Doctor: We're talking about a very minor operation...I could do it blind-folded!
Miley: Ah!
Doc: I won't!...I'm just saying that I could...Not that you'd know, you'd be out cold...Doesn't that make you feel better?
(Miley shakes her head, no)
Doctor: It doesnt does it? I should stop now.
Miley: You think?!
Doctor: I'm sorry, but I'm just reassuring you that this surgery is no big deal. One hour in my office, one week in recovery and everything will be fine.
Miley: K.
Doctor: Really, I mean the chances of losing your singing voice permanently would be one in a million!
Robbie Ray: Oh boy...
Miley: One in a million?! What if I'm that one!
Robbie Ray: Doc, you were this close!
Doc: When I say one in a million, thats just a figure of speech. I havent done anywhere near that many! Not that i havent done alot... Because I have!
I'm going.
Miley: Daddy! There was a one and a million chance you were going to be a rockstar and that happened, there was a one in a million chance that i'd be a popstar and that happened! Face it Dad, this family is one in a million central!
Robbie Ray: Miley I really think you're over reacting,this surgen is one of the best in the country!
Jackson: Yeah..Dads right, besides what do you think's gonna happen?Just when the sugery is about to start, a meteor hits a bus, the bus
drives into a hotdog stand, a giant neon weiner flies into the power lines! The lights go off in the surgery room and the next thing you know, your singing like aunt Pearl after she swallowed that cazook remember? (Cough, cough, cough) bleew!
Miley: OH NO now im never going to be Hannah Monatana again all because a of a giant weiner!

( computer)
robbie: here you go miley wy dont you open this one next?
Young miley: yes! just what i wanted now i can be just like daddy!
Mileys mom: lets hear somthing!
Young miley: rock rock rock yeah yeah yeah rock rock rock ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeah
thank you tennesse bye drive careful!
Miley mom: did you hear that! this girl might give you a run for your money!

robbie:ONE day i might have to take you up on stage with me
Miley mom and robbie: encour encour
Miley:okay Jingle bells jackson smells from fivety miles away peeyou!
young jackson: im gunna get you runt!
young miley: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
robbie: hey! no running in the house
miley: he did it
jackson: she did it
mileys mom: dont ya just loove christmas?

robbie:ray hey milez i made you some of my famous loco hot coco and little marshmellows so you dont chokeo...chokeo......chokeo
im going to keep saying it until you laugh..chokeo
Miley; dady what if something goes bad in the surgey room and i..i..cant be hannah montana anymore?
Robbie: well i guess your gunna hae to pack your bags and get out,baby thats not going to happen everything is going to be fine,all you have to
worry about is what icecream flavor ya'll going to be scarfing down
Miley: how do you know that?
robbie ray: well, there some things that daddy knows like i know the sun is going to come up tomorrow i know that uncle earles is never going to
be a underware model and i know your voice is gunna be fine, you get some rest now huney
miley: goodnight dad
robbie ray: night luv you
miley: luv ya
( mileys dream )

robby ray:MILLLLEEYYY! were is that useless free loader!?
Miley: right here daddy
robby ray: i thought i told you to iron theese socks!?!You knwo i like a nice crease in my hosery!'
miley: s..sorry daddy i..im still cleaning the oven!
robby ray: wait a minite whats that on the corner of your mouth?!Have you been eating the burn bits off the burner pan again?!
Miley:Sorry dady im im just so hungry hmmm month old trout skin my favorite!
robby ray: well quite stuffing your face and get to ironing!Just beacuse that surgey caused you to lose your singing voice doesnt meen you can lay around here eating
trout skin like the queen of shila!
Miley: but i can daddy ive been practicing listen (trying to sing) THISS IS THE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFEEEEE!
Robby ray: dont EVER do that again!
Robby ray: Now there is only one person in this house that can sing and we all know who that is..
Jackson: Jingle bells miley smells from fivety miles aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaay
Robby ray: Ladies and gentamen please welcome buckey kentucky!
jackson:THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! thank you...
Miley: But..jackson could never sing..and buckey kentucky thats the dumiest thing i ever heard
Jackon:Your just jealous that you dont have a state that ryems with your name anymore little miss nobody
Miley: oh please like anyone would be a fan of.buckey kentucky
Lily: oh my gosh oh my gosh look its BUCKEY KENTUCKY!! BUCKEY KENTUCKY!!
Oliver: dude dude dude dude you rock!
lily: i love you!
Miley: GUYS! what are you doing its jackson!
oliver: umm im sorry did you hear something?
lily: yeah its sounds like a wash up popstar
oliver and lily: ah hahah ha!
Robby ray: come on kids lets hurry up we dont want to be late for buckey big concert the limos waiting
jackson: oh oh last one in is a miley!
Miley: wait up guys! i should be going to the concert to!i was hannah montana once..please dont treat me
like this. i have feelings im not a piece of furniture!guys! im not a piece of furniture!Okay maybe i am..
robby ray : HOLD ON KIDS I HAVE TO GET MY KEYS AND MY WALLET..oh there they are
Miley: daddy what happened to me?im nothing but a table!
robby ray: aww hunney your much more than that your also a coat rack
miley: sweet niblets!
roby ray : miley we love to take you with us but you got to many hang upss
jackson oliver and lilly:aaahhahhahha
jackson: that was a good one dady!
robbyray: see i told you i was funny
Miley: no! dont leave somebody help me!...please?
Mileys mom: Baby girl you always had the strangest dreams
Miley: moma!? ma! it is you..
Mileys mom: you daddy gave some of his loco hot coco before bed dint he?He knows what sugar does to ya!
i swaer when im finished hear im poping in to one of his dreams and he is gonna get an ear full
miley: not helping
Miley mom: its your dream sweet pea if you dont like all you have to do is change it
Miley: is not that easy..hey!maybe it was..were were you when i was eating trout skin?
Miley mom: alright baby girl you know you didnt dream me here to ask me that now tell me what really on
your mind?
Miley:i lost my voice and if i doesnt come back then.......then
Mileys mom: Miley..do you think if you werent hannah montana your no better then a piece of furniture look at that
i swear there is nothing more dangerous than your dad with a pocket full of cash at uncle earls garage sales!
Miley: mom if i cant sing then..im just...just miley
Mileys mom:and what in the world is wrong with that?i think justmiley is pretty darn wonderfull and i know deep down
inside she is strong enough to know that
Miley:she is?
Mileys mom: heck yeah!Thats the way your dady and i raised ya your a wonder ful girl an thats why your friends
love you so much
Miley:what friends? you saw the way they treated me
Mileys mom:Oh for heavens sake lily oliver get in here!If miley wasnt hananh montana would you still be her firends?
oliver:are you kidding?of course we will
lily: miley you were my best friend way before i knew you were hannah montana
MILEY: then why ya'll just walk out on me
lily and oliver: its your dream!
mileys mom: and its only scary because your worried about that surgey tomorrow
Jackson: its true miley in real life i sing like a starving walrus.....mom this is the part were you say oh no you dont honey!
mileys mom: oh no you dont honey..just a regular walrus a cute tone deaf walrus
jackson: thanks
lily: i like your mom shes funny
oliver: shes pretty too
miley: alright your out of here
oliver: wait,why am i leaveing i dont want to go STop! this is not fair!
jackson: the point is that weither your hannah montana or not your still the annoying obxinous little sister that i love
jackson: okay you can wake up any time now
Miley: i aint done yet!
mileys mom:see the only thing you have here is that people care about ya
miley; your right mommy
mileys mom: ya think!
miley: oh what the heck olvier get in here
oliver:thank you
Mileys mom: you were loved even before you were hannah montana and your still going to be love after hannahs on were are they now shows
miley: mom i think your confusing me with daddy
mileys mom: oh im not worried about you one bit
miley: mom i miss your hugs
mileys mom: oh baby girl there not far away all you have to do is think of me and there there now say goodbye to your friends and get some rest
robby ray: you did good honey
mileys mom: your doing a pretty good job your self..except for that hot chocolate before bed!
robby:i know you told me not to do that but his was a very emotion...MILEY WAKE UP NOW
mileys mom: i dont know how many times im going to tell you..
robby: miley wakey wakey
mileys mom: and i cant believe you still have that table no wonder the girls having nightmares
robby: sorry darling you know i was allways a push over
mileys mom: yeah you were..
(robbys dream )
( miley and mom sing)
miley: jackson cut it out
jackson: hey its your dream!
miley: not this time..
jackson: well if its not my dream and not yours then who is it?
mileys mom: i think i know
( robby wakes up )
robby: momma was right about that coco

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