Вершы: Maria Mena. Another Phase. Those Who Caved In.

I wouldn?t let them hurt you, I wouldn?t let them scream
you?d listen to my stories,
and got back to your dreams

Stayed down on first floor
layed low with me
I saw your pieces so magically

And how is everything in the real world,
is anybody left there sane?
think it?s time for you to join the minority again

?Cause they won?t say they?re sorry
they won?t know you?re there
they won?t sacrifice anything to have you near
they won?t realize you?re gone before it?s too late
And painful is the ways of those who caved in and you?re too great

I understood you, I got your ways
You cried your heart out,
and I held your face

And tell me if you?re ever feeling down
I?ll open up and turn this world around
you?re no one if you?re just another one, of them...