Вершы: Guerilla Black. Black By Popular Demand. Run Up in You.

When I run up on you I'm gon' blow x 4

The leader of the new school
Not to take nothin' from busta
My heat stay glued on bustas
Check out my demographics
I must be democratic
Sold more rock man then Lenny Kravitz
If my gun jams shit I'm tryin' to throw the bullets
Where's that hoe that you speak of? Slow the bullet
I know you couldn't, you ain't built like that
I'm made for off road you laid back like a made back

You're a real soft nigga with a real soft spot
Type hit the weed chokin' want a fuckin' cough drop
Listen to the B2K, you rap stars like little fish, yo he R&B
You don't make it to the county you could fuck, in the holdin' tank
Fellas see yall'z you don't belong in this place
Wash a nigga drawers out on hand, so what the fuck nigga
Shit where's yo balls at man

When my gunz is on you ya'll roll out x 4

Black By Popular Demand