Вершы: Evangelista. Otras Canciones. On the Captain's Side.

The veins in my hands expand
anticipating their use.
My ship will speed like
the light through portals
darker than the darkest night
to an unknown destination.

I'll drop my anchor
there for many years.
I led the men that drank
the lives of innocents,
the lives of innocents.

I was first in prayer
and first in fight.
With loyalty, they followed
my in dark and in light ships
shooting flames burning vertical masts.
It was my hand what lit
the tinder that let
those cannonballs blast.

The veins in my hands expand
in antipication of this task
my terrible men with no future to cast.

My only friends we shall sleep at last,
because our hunger and menace w
ill never subside.
We aim the cannons at our own deck
and prow and our lady guide.

Our prow and our lady guide
we blow sky high as we go under
we sing on last cruel song.
Save yourself, even if it means
doing wrong one man who
is dead means another alive

May the strongest of us survive.
May the strongest of us survive.

With bitter tears
I float in mourning.
I float in the sea alone
as far as the eye can see.
For luck always be
on the captain's side.