Вершы: Evangelista. Otras Canciones. I Lay There in Front of me Covered in Ice.

I lay there in front of me covered in ice.
Covered in ice.
I lay there before me
I've seen it now twice.
I've seen it now twice.

You think you might know
what I hold in my hand.
You think you may
have one yourself,
that you choose to use...
Well, this is a knife
And I don't choose life.

Go tell your momma there's a
dead man in the bathwater.
Go tell your father
this town's lost another daughter.

I see it all as I've seen it before
Again there's a number nailed on the door.
I lay there with red blood
comin' out of my nose.
I hold myself down until my eyes close.

I lay down in front of me,
No white light shines on me,
No tunnel above or little hands
pullin' me back.
Or pointing me in to the black...

Don't try to warm me,
I'm colder than any one.
Can I drop this world
just where it shines in my hand?
'Cuz I've layed there before.
Yes, I've seen it now twice.
Covered in ice,
Covered in ice,
Covered in ice...