Вершы: Endwell. Whatever Distance.

Stay down, stay low.
Stay where they cannot hurt you.
They will never break your fall.
They will only break your bones.
Cold nights low hopes. . .
My head filled with bitter thoughts.
Dream on and grow. . .don't let them ruin you.
Afraid I've lost my faith in you.
I fear I'm losing everyone.
Admit my grip is weak
on every little thing
that's close to me.
I'm waiting for the next time you forget to call.
I'm waiting for you to come down and me to fall.
There is so much more than
artificial happiness and false euphoria.
Never knowing just how high I held you in my heart,
you're running from your problems but you can't outrun them all.
I will be standing here
until the sea dries up. . .
The sky could fall for all I care;
I will be here,
Until the flames wash over us.
I pray, please Armageddon come
and wash away my worldly fears
I'm losing everything I once held near.
Distance yourself and shut me out.
I would have given all of me
to keep you here but
I have been let down.
Denial and this delusion
finished chasing, still you run.
I've extinguished every option
and trampled every path.
Would have offered you the world
but its already in your hands.
This is consequence.
This is punishment.
This is over, again.
Never catching signals sent.
Never catching signals sent.
This cold embrace of loneliness.
The time I wasted leaves me
Cold and so distant
I will remain,
built up by fears.
Cold Indifference.
Locked up.
Stay low.
Apart we grow,

(Thanks to Ryan Coyle for these lyrics)