Вершы: Endwell. The Bridge: Blues Man's Cross Roads.

My Conscience is littered
With mishaps and failures,
Fuck ups, what ifs, what should have been. All in all, I'm down to my last breath,
my last attempt to put to rest
all of this hurting and yearning,
cursing myself for being me.
I'm done cursing fate,
hating destiny
discard and fear.
Serenity is far from here.
These bonds I break will never mend.
Take it from me,
The more you need the less you get.
Every mistake that never ends.
Never again give all your best.
Go live your life with no regrets.
Give it up its going down.
Everyone is getting out.
Stay too long and you will drown.
Everything is coming down,
and if my actions bring me closer to my death
and misfortune is behind me every step,
every question burning deeper in my chest,
every answer that I knew not to expect,
You know you've failed.
Every battle never fought.
Every battle never taught.
Filled with deception and remorse,
you burned this bridge now swim across.
Pull me down and cross me out.
Horns and tail I will wear proud.
God, it seems, has shut me out

(Thanks to Ryan Coyle for these lyrics)