Вершы: Endwell. Promises Wept.

This Life sometimes positions you
out of place and out of you.
Its turns vision clear to clouded view.
The fast defines and shapes the new
with clenched fists I'm headstrong,
determined to \"right m wrongs\".
Well this is what happens when people five up;
to afraid to pursue what they love,
void of passion, promise and trust.
With conviction you crushed
our dreams straight to dust.
Shake the dead weight right off of my shoulder
I have purpose I have promises.
This is the path to breathing again.
I have purpose I have promises.
You left us nothing.
Without a single care.
Pulled the plug on all our dreams.
Just left us hanging there.
There is no justice.
No great revenge.
No fucking salvation
or deliverance.
This is letting go
of the past in full.
We are moving on
With or without you

(Thanks to Ryan Coyle for these lyrics)