Вершы: Endwell. Living Through Losses: 2/30/01.

There moments trapped in time;
memories of things you lost
as left behind, all dreams go to hell.
I'm spitting honest words and honest
I mourn an honest chance I left
but the novelty of this is wearing of,
long dead.
But if we give it one more round,
one more try,
can we do it for ourselves this time?
Wheres the heart in giving all this up?
All opportunities we had?
Now any second chance to find
A way to fix this mess we made.
Another turns their back on me.
Its breaking me.
As far broken bonds and broken ties,
a bitter, broken man is all you'll find
when all of this is over said and done.
but it is wort the loss and worth the
I wouldn't trade it for a thing.
This fairy tale meant everything to me.
It makes me feel complete.
Let this be and walk away.
Find my peace in this defeat,
clinging onto memories.
Sometimes the words that mean the most
are ones I'll never say.
Sometimes dreams are nothing more than
Some things you cannot take you can only
leave behind.
I've made mistakes and some I cannot
destined to not fulfill my destiny,
so turn your back on me

(Thanks to Ryan Coyle for these lyrics)