Вершы: Elvenpath. Elvenpath. Moria.

No light in the darkness, wea??ve opened the gate
No chance to turn back, ita??s far too late
Onward through blackness where eyes cannot see
The ancient realm of the dwarves entered we

Magic still lives where they carved for the gold
Caves long forgotten yet great to behold
The silence and dark fills our hearts full of gloom
Welcome to the ancient realm of Khazad-DA»m

Of these halls the bards still sing
Balin, dwarflord, mountain king
Once filled with life, now theya??re all gone
Yet the spirits of Moria still live on

Moria a?? with fearful eyes behold its gates
Moria a?? behind the light the dark awaits
Moria a?? where Lugburz prepares for attack
Moria a?? on the bridge therea??s no turning back

In the Chamber of Records we found Balina??s tomb
The mountain king stood brave until he met his doom
Then silence was broken by drums in the deep
And evil beyond measure awoke from its sleep

Hunted by the demons of fire and pain
We fled through the halls that gave darkness its name
Until there was no way out and Mithrandir fell
Beneath the great mountain just a taste of hell

In brightest light the sun burns red
Wea??d leave our dear friend there for dead
Escaped from the darkness, our hearts in despair
Our hope vanished in the fire demona??s lair