Вершы: Dominus Praelii. Holding The Flag Of War. Scent Of Death.

I am your creed disbelief of tomorrow
I'm the tenebrous wind that blows cold in the night
I will come to decompose your flesh
Someday you will feel my breath in your nape
And smell the scent of the rottenness
That takes to turn you bones into dust

I'm the last sight of man, deadly hurt in the battle field
The horror and pain of his brothers in sword
I'm in your dreams when you sweet in your bed
Turning all them into a nightmare

Cause' I'm the suffering and the fear of all
I am the last judgement but not the end
You'll never know when but be sure, I'll come for you!

You try to run from me, every man does
But not even witchcraft avoid me at all
It's an illusion thinking you can escape from me
So why to last, just lay down and wait

Cause' I'm the suffering and the fear of all...

I put the end in your life as you know
Dry the last drop of blood that runs in your veins
Putrefy your skin till remain just ashes
Release your soul from that so
That called human form

Cause' I'm the suffering and the fear of all...
Dominus Praelii