Вершы: Dan Andriano. Let Me In.

They said "you'll feel better in the morning, take some of these".
And now I can't feel a thing.
I dreamt I was an addict, and I woke up in a panic,
Dying to get back to sleep.

In the waking world I wander around
Wondering where to go...
In my dreams I'm running
Right into your door.

I got a little headache, why should today be any different?
It just screams, go home, go home, go home.
So I tried to find the subway, but then someone tripped and unplugged me.
Now silent and still I lay here until, she comes and turns me on.

Out here I'm a mess,
I'm a ghost who overslept on Halloween.
I've been stood up twice, and she seemed so nice,
I think her name was destiny...

Let me in, I don't wanna leave here ever again
It?s an ugly world, where beautiful
Doesn't mean much of anything...
Let me in.