Вершы: Concrete Blonde. I Want You.

It's been a long, long time
And too many miles
of handshaking strangers
parading their smiles
Of all the faces that come and go
The only one I really wanna know

I want you
I want you

And all the people they never stop
They're talking their parrot talk
But your voice is clear through the noise in my ear
So what?

Can't believe I can feel this way
The only one way I know how to say

I want you
I want you

I can't wait cus I can't take it

I know you've been contaminated
My love is warm, my love is strong
If there's anything you learn to be afraid
But then time marches on and it kicks you aside
And they said we have time
But you know that they lied

I know you don't need to be
caught in between my extremes
But you've shown me things I so needed see
So believe when I say to you
No matter where I am, I'd rather be with you
I want you
I want you
I want you
I want you