Вершы: Concrete Blonde. Closer.

oh hey my oh my
eyes are watching from the sky
who what where oh why
i don't know you know
but I don't thinki that i can go
where they take me I don't know
they take me up
take me up
come on down and pick me up

I wonder if it's better
If I can i'll send a letter
I wonder why they come
who they are, where they're from
and can't tell anybody
cause I know they'll think I'm crazy
but alot of pople think like me
but don't know what it means

I'm closer all the time I am
I know I will be fine
I know I...

I'm closer all the time I am
It's time we all got closer yeah...
I know I...

Every day (?) rings like a telephone ringing
pick it up hang it up

and it's driving me to drinking
So you turn on your tv
misery stupidity
I gotta go
I gotta go
What do i do about tomorrow

and then I think in on a minute
this is life and you are in it
then I find if I try
I can tap into the other side
I listen to the music
I feel it and I use it
and I say
I hear them say
It can go the other way


What do you want with me? I mean, why me?
And he looked at me with these big eyes and said
you humans are not evolving at the rate you were expected to

repeat twice

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