Вершы: Coal Chamber. Giving The Devil His Due. Apparition.

Apparition is the name of a friend that goes away in the end
You were my cancer and you kept me going
And all this time all I needed to do
Was feel you and touch you
And just feel the blackness of your skin
But it became the blackness of your heart
And inside you would laugh and I just had to laugh

Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha

You're my cancer
And all this time when I thought
That you were the same
That you had just definitely have changed
And changed back into what you used to be
And what you said you'd never be again
And there you go again, spinning 'round and 'round

Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha

You are who you run with
Success is the best revenge