Вершы: Closed Heart Surgery. Bonzai Daniel Son Bonzai.

Hold my hand, are you with me,
look in my eyes and tell me that you're with me,
love's long gone, move along with the same,
same 'ol song,

sloppy silly with it, morals out the window,
in between birthdays surprise with a floral show
not a debate between concrete and ethics,
searchin for a brain in blonde streaks and hot chicks,
dye the color darker darker, mask the ugly,
tap the glass of my monitor, love me,
are you awake, are you still sleeping,
are you replaced with a new face when i'm dreaming,
i hope so, i lost control,
i still breathe heavy, do you still breathe blow,
the parks amuse me walkin infinite circles,
band aids on my finger tips turn purple,
as long as she's on my arm i'll walk a maze,
scared me stiff, makes me laugh, i'm amazed,
first to do that, first to skip cracks,
dontcha know that, that'll break ya momma's back,

does jimmy eat world when i have you in the middle,
will i have the answers when you have the riddles,
are you the anxious type, reflect light crystal,
see it on a face, you wanna pop that pimple,
it hurts, it bleeds, let go of me,
nothin' works to see what you do to me,
rule everything around me, cream,
and it's still not as easy as it seems, (scream)
like the way you used to, like the way i want you,
like the curves on a dagger that tend to haunt you.
so thankful for the moments shared between, me,
and you it's cute when you say it like you do,
a real dirty mind to a past life prude,
don't wanna stand here, i better bust a move,
grow a garden on these walls and pluck the flowers,
make 'em dance for once, make em move for hours,

can't avoid it seemed like 10 years ago,
self concious funny kid at 15 years old,
make 'em laugh make 'em cry, ya better than that,
make 'em horny make 'em pine, now ya on the right track,
liftin' knees like flashdance, water on the floor,
don't get your socks wet, i hate that shit,
a little lost for romance, let me get the door,
don't wanna lose a man bet, i hate that shit,
throw my arms up and quit, can't handle it,
blew out the flame before it even got lit,
take ya medicine, pump adrenaline,
any possible way to clean slate the sin,
so pull me out of the water, when i start to fall under,
and warm me up with the arms of my lover,
then maybe we can get sick mother fucker,
get sick mother fucker
Closed Heart Surgery