Вершы: Busta Rhymes. Touch It (Remix) Pt. 4.

(feat. Stat Quo, Eminem, Obie Trice)

[Chorus: x3]
Touch It
Bring It
Pay It
Watch It
Turn It
Leave It
Format It

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Mr Shady Records
Layin Out Disrespectors
Man We Are From Detroit
Got More Bricks Than Tetris
Our Crew Is Straight Live Wire
Doin It All The Time
Layin Down The Ryme
Dawg Get Off My Shine
(Get Low Shady)
As I Combine All The Juice On My Mind
Get Up Get Up Put It Back On Rewind
Powerfull Impact
Whos On The Track, Attack
Shady, Guess Whos Back
(Turn It Up)
Everybody In The Place Take A Look At There Face
I Disapeared With Out A Trace You Dont Know How I Did It
New Year, Ooh Yeah, Whos Here, Neucler, Who Kid, Spookie Ahh Ahh Ahh
(Get Low Obie)
O In To The B I E
Trice's Life
That Is Me
Happen To Be
Rolling Crew Deep
(Turn It Up)
Roll With Extra Weponry
Just Incase Someone Pretend To Be
Homie Yous A Wanksta
Pull Out A Sawed Off
Make You Wish You Wasent A Pranksta
(Get Low)
Is Rather Not Resort To Violence
And Chop Off Your Ears And Eyelids
Im A Nice Guy Kid
Ill Still Make You Cry Kid

[Chorus x2]

[Stat Quo:]
(Get Low Stat)
Roll With Hammers
Go Bannanas
Snatch Some Yammers [?]
Big And Black
Like Decon Palmer
(Turn It Up)
Stat Stat Stat
Clack Clack Clack
Roll Thorough The Club
Sneak Out
The Back Back Back
D For Mr.Shady
A For The Atlanta Cap

[Obie Trice:]
(Get Low Obie)
Well You Know
Your Chick Know Me
Your Click Know Me
Your Girl Blow'd Me
Go Crazy Like A Skitzo
You Cant Hold Me
(Turn It Up)
Pop You
Drop You
Came From The Block Thorugh
You Know I Had To Stop You
I Do It For The D
I Do It Just For Me
And So I Get Some Cheese
For Homie Shady

(Get Low Shady)
Im About To Scream At The Top Of My Lungs And I Dont Even Know Why Im Screaming
Ahh Ahh Ahh
And Im Screaming On The Wrong Part Of The Song
Bus' You Did It Again Lets Turn It Up More
(I Guess... Turn It Up More)
Turn It Up Loud
Let Em Know We Aint Playin
And I Dont Even Know What The Chorus Is Sayin
Touch It -Bring It-Bay-Be
Skibbity Bee Bop Busta Big Bang

[Busta Rhymes:]
(Get Low Busta)
This My Own Song
Spittin The Last Verse
Yall Homies Are Doomed
Like The Bambino Curse
(Turn It Up)
{I Love My Chick}
Got Her A Louie Vaton Purse
You Think I Did You Bad
Im About To Do You Worse
Saved The Best For Last
Even Better For First
Got Papoose On My Team
He Gon Do You In Worse

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