Вершы: Bright Eyes. Every Day And Every Night. A Line Allows Progress, A Circle Does Not.

Sitting around, no work today
Try pacing to keep awake
Laying around, no school today
Just drink until the clock has circled all the way
It is late afternoon as you walk through the rooms
Of a house that is quiet except for unanswered telephones
You stand near the sink, you're mixing a drink
You think you don't want to pass out
Where your roommates will find you again

Stumble around the neighborhood, nothing to do
You're always looking for something to sniff, smoke, or swallow
Calling over next door to see what they got
But you would settle for anything
That would make your brain slow down or stop

Break this circle of thoughts you chase
Before they catch back up with you
And your parents noticed your thinning face
All the weight you lost
All the weight you're losing

You said I'm done feeling like a skeleton
No more sleep walking dead
You're gonna wake from this coma
You're gonna crawl from this bed you have made

And stop counting on that camera
That hangs round your neck
Because you won't ever remember
What you choose to forget

As you try to find some source of light
Try to name one thing you like
You used to have such a longer list
And light you never had to look for it

But now it's so easy, it's so easy to
So easy, it's so easy to
Second-guess everything you do
Until all you want is to
Finish this half-empty glass
Before the ice melts away
This feeling always used to pass
But seems like it's every day
Seems like it's every night now
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