Вершы: Bei Maejor. Upside Down. She Was.

Ladies and gentlemen
Thank you thank you
I love you too baby hehe
Allow me to introduce myself
I go by the name of Bei Maejor
This is what I like to call
Broken love song
Broken love story
It's just art, You know what I'm saying
See if you can follow along
I apologize in advance if I lose anybody

Yeah check it
She was always one of the flyest
All dressed up ahead of the time and
She had smile that shined like diamonds
With long hair the same color as almonds
I always wanted to wife it
She's the kind of girl you wanna spend your life with but
I never did get a chance
Cause she always had a man and
He was captain of the football team
The biggest thing around on the football scenes hehe
He was the talk of the town
Signing autographs when he's walking around
And I was just a quiet kid in the math class
To say something I didn't make the class laugh
And everytime she would look back
I damn nearly had a heartattack

So every year before the summer would start
I write a love letter and I poured my heart
But she was so far out of my range
That I never got the courage to deliver the page
So as I saw her walk across the stage
Apart of me died on graduation day
Cause even though we never spoke one time
I thought I lost the only chance to make her mine
A couple of years passed
College was great
Just got a new job, I'm a move to L.A.
The big city lives were always my dream
I'm just hoping that everything is all it seems
So as I'm packing away
I found my yearbook I circled the name
And even though it may seem wow
Just seeing the face made me smile
Long fly, I had just touched down
It felt like all night and I had just touched ground
Walking through the airport hallway

I saw a face that I remember for always
It was the same girl from high school
It's been a couple of years
She probably 22 uh
Or maybe she was 23 huh
That's right she's a year ahead of me
I almost broke into tears
But I held it all together I've been waiting for years
Cause I practice in the mirror every friday
A little speech incase I see her what I might say haha
No lie, real talk
So as I saw her walk passed
I'm thinking I'll be damned if I miss my chance
And as I call her name I was scared
But had to let my heart overpower my fears
She turned around with the eyes wide
I started thinking 'I'll die'
Because she started walking over (what?)
She started coming closer (wooh)
I had to check for my heartbeat
Cause this couldn't be real hardly
Now she asked me have I been cool (yeah)
Because she hadn't seen me in 6th school
And by then I was in love
Because I didn't even think she know who I was
I asked bout her man she ain't with him (what)
He went away to college hasn't hit her since then (wooh)
Yes, I never heard news so good (hell yeah)
I told her I never thought I would
Be standing face to face with my high school love
And she said
Yeah, you so sweet (what)
I always used to think you were the cutest thing (what)
I used to had the biggest crush on you on the 10th grade (what)
She said
I used to think about you all the time
I always wondered why you never said hi (I was scared)
So I just let my crush fade away (what)
So as we sat over coffee in the airport hall
I recited every old letter that I could recall
She smiled, she can't believe she didn't see then
So I said, I may be jump of the deep end
But if your hearts open maybe I can creep in (maybe)
She said that would be cool but (but)
I'm getting married next weekend
Ah What what
Ssh shoot uuh hmph
What the hell
I can't believe this...