Вершы: Bei Maejor. Upside Down 2. Teardrops & Telephone Calls.

You never really know whose there for what reason
Or for what purpose y'know?
Teardrops and telephone calls
Teardrops and telephone calls
Bei Maejor
Unh, yeah

He was never really good with girls
Nah, he was more into science
Nah, he was never really good with words
Nah, he was more into silence

Just a young kid, fifteen years old
Tryna figure out why this world so cold
And he ain't really have no friends at all
Nah, sometimes he thought about dyin'
Thinkin' that's the only way he'll find peace
That was right around the time that he found me
See I had just my phone number on the internet to talk to fans
But he called 'cause he felt like nobody understands
All his father does is drink
And his mom is in the streets
And sometimes when he comes home theres just nothing left to eat
And he hates it
Told me that he hates his life
He's thinking he should take it
Selecting all the hurt and just erase it
So I talked to him every day
Same time every night
Get to know his name
Where he stay
You know what he like
Even though I found his life was really kinda tough
He was smart, to computers and that kinda stuff
And one day my phone died and I was kinda scared
Thinkin' he would trip out
But when I called him he was there
That's my little homie
He looked up to me
Called me his OG
He heard all my songs way before the world did
And next thing you know he got a little girlfriend
His grades started goin' up

But mamas' health didn't
So when she passed away
He said he ain't really miss her
Said she hit the road left him and his little sister
And that's they were was young
So he ain't get to bond wit' her
I understand
It's kinda cool to watch him grow up to a man
And I started feelin' proud
And I know I'm not his dad
But if you know me
You know I write songs and makes tracks
Ain't really got time for no love
Or all that
So through this whole thing I learned the craziest lesson
That this kid was actually my unexpected blessin'
Spoke to him last week
He said I'm all good now
Check my profile
Turned my picture upside down
And well...
Thanks Maejor

Haha, unh
Teardrops and telephone calls
You never know like
The whole time I thought I was suppose to be helpin' him but...
He was really helpin' me
Anybody who goin' through anything
Thinkin about takin' they life or anything
It's not worth it, for real
It could change and any minute
Trust God
Love yourself
There's people who love you
Unh, Maej
Teardrops and telephone calls, calls, calls, calls
Unh, Hehe
Teardrops and telephone calls, calls, calls