Вершы: Bei Maejor. Throwback. Single.

Everybody knows I love crime down tonight
All day long

Are you and my lady friend
Say she don't want this thing...
I saw her look to may commence
I bu7y you that mercedes benz
She say what the hell do you think this is
You can't buy my heart with stupid things
I say girl what if I can get the ring
She say you can get the rings
Love is cheap worth nothing I see
We don't need it... slow if you believe it
Stone time chilling and... fire place heated
... she don't care just cheating I don't know
Yeah really just don't know
She know who I was would she ever let it go
She know who I was would it make her... change

Perception rearrange we just keep playing this game
Keep pretending that we are single
Just to mingle talking to the mother girl
They can talk to me
Cause I can't hear them with my head in the clouds
Everybody know I am never coming down tonight
Oh yeah tonight
Oh yeah I am not tripping on nothing
You got this guy loving
Everybody know I am never coming down tonight

She must be out of her mind
She tell her girlfriends oh he is mine
They reply oh he is fine
And they click over I am on the other line
These girls can be such a trick
She is my girlfriends o I never call her bitch
Show her off to my friends and dsy this I my chick
Man she's loving when I do that shit
Upside down in the hotel
I am going in she wishes me well
I push her off the walls
That's how I...
I am bringing it just don't cause... swell
Baby one day but not now
I promise... baby how
I tell her hold on let me do my thing