Вершы: Bei Maejor. Throwback. Girl Flex.

{talking} I've waited to long, finally you come along and i don't see nothing wrong wit gettin
up wit your special somebody, but you know you know this is only for you married people
like this is what i would say to my wife if i was married....heh make sure y'all be safe too man no babies
you feel me

Girl flex time to have sexa look how you make a rude boy a sweat i say flex look how long you make a rude boy have a sweat i wanna love you up and down girl owwwwwwwa ow owa ow i wanna love you up and down hear you make the sound owwww
{verse 1}

don't wanna wait soon as walk in the door give me a look and i just can't no more, i wanna go
up to our room a special place where we can do what we do i wanna ra ra rock it till you ha ha holla stop it
love the way to take it to the top then you drop it girl i been wait on you im so lucky that this lovin cme through
now i aint trynna watch a movie naw im just trynna watch ya booty go ba ba ba bum girl where you come from your body is dumb umb got me feeling woosy like im sippin on that rum rum flex