Вершы: Automatic Loveletter. Changing Skies.

Looked out my window tonight
into the cloud hidden sky
and I, I proclaimed it to be mine
then I knew I'd bringing home,
bring home to you,

they all say that i'm crazy to get up and leave just like that
but I told them its just 4,000 miles
and I was willing to do that


I, I'm bringing home to you,
cause you're the only for me
and maybe you
I, I'm changing skies for you
but you'll never know how much I've missed you

Packed all my bags and I
never been more sure of anything in my life
put my heart in a suitcase left
my tears at the door
no more crying for me anymore
cause you know, I know its hard to part thats why I'm breaking these chains of a lonely heart


now this journey takes us on indredible careless tasks together, trading in the loss we shared for
might come true forever and ever and ever and EVER

Chorus x2
Automatic Loveletter