Вершы: Anti Flag. America Got It Right.

I was in Chico, California, talking to a foreigner
When a fascist threatened me
He hoped to threaten, to harass
'Cause although he could kick my ass, he knew

He could never kill what I believe

The best of the best, the best in the world, the U.S.A.
Sinking, no drowning in a sea of excess gluttony
As the rest of the world does struggle to keep up the pace
It seems America got it right by doing
The rest of the world doing wrong

Zero knowledge of understanding of U.S. governmental actions
in the states of overseas, Mystified history
Quotes spewed from corporate media waves
Turns the public into a herd of sheep

'Equal Rights', 'Justice', 'Democratic Role', 'Freedom', 'Equality'
All just a total, fuck you
Empty words in the President slurs, in every speech
While scheming behind closed doors with the C.I.A.

To undermine democracy, to undermine autonomy
To undermine the stability of any leftist populous regime
Making the President a terrorist, making the U.S.A. a terrorist
U.S. tax dollars fund, terror, terror, terror, terror

It seems America must have gotten it right