Вершы: Andre Nickatina. 4AM Bay Bridge Music.

4 am Bay Bridge Music

-Andre Nickatina
im like a lighting bolt that can a pope from cloud to cloud
man hit the library my style is in the rap files
i like to shake dice somthing like a stilo champ
i used to smoke weed man all up at the nike camp
i crack crab hands solo wit ali otos
and watch the waitress get nervous
they trying to ask me for a photo
im something very bolo
im standing like a cholo
im not gon like it polo
and thats a lil coco

im out to stack funds and watch the scratch come
and easy relax leave your bat strungin
brain test and mence like im the last one
homies love me fuckin around and catch something
im walk that real cush its grown in cali
we push like a true boss rollin in cadi's
chips like grammy, goose it gets flabby
eatin good and tellin the plan stay happy

-Andre Nickatina
i get lost in the weed like a ghost with out a blessed vission
but still i find my way to do a lil caddy dippin
im fined tuned and groomed just like a manaquin
and body yall are fittin, treat it like a manaquin
i get a pad and pen but that dont matter then
freak im a real rap cat hoe im not a trend
i keep the temperture cold up in the hot winter
i fought superman but still until he got crippled
im not your doc giggles
or your willy wiggles
my crossover dribble penetrate me to the middle
i spin a better web milk you like a silk spread
man do it like the baker get an oven for your bread

my rhymes are penetratin and seen through your medow
take over im a straight EQ the levels
basing all the trebble
and get all hyphy
with a look like somebody steppin on your Nikes

rolling with the pisces homie king nicky
and freaks brought the purple and we brought the phillys
yet this aint play pimpin money ima stay gettin
and network through church and get bay bridgin
i really live it leavin your frame frigid
dont worry bout your digits or any of your punk critics
its all blow up thinkin like so what
right now bottom automatic like a bo bye
flow top with cost the perfect cuff
ball out i bought them all juss perks and stuff
we work the cuts tough every track and wut not
cats are being lazy sitting there butts off
stop in the name of the game
it will come back around if you go against the grave
but dont complain
kill talk bout half the rashin
im full of time with mind and trap that match

-Andre Nickatina
shit pu-pu-pu-party
man walkin through the crown plaza wit my ballies on
i like your conversation baby you can carry on
i like that car right there yea the cherry one
man ask Luke Skywalker if the force is failed
i got a little woozy when i heard the court bailed
do it on the ladder way like a cindy porilay
when its all over kid put me in the pyramid
man like the pharos did or lil darrel did
you know these streets just like life between the barrel kid
you know ill rush like a bull at a bull fighter
you wanna hang man you got to pull a all nighter
im like vouge tires
man with the right wires
i smoke much weed is wut the gods tellin me
im like a felony mix wit a juke box
then break down the weed homie let the flute knock
they bump 2pac they hold 2 glocks
and like i said it first man they bump 2pac
the juice never stops
its like a soda pop
the best drama always comes from the coke block