Вершы: Bill Anderson. Love Me And I'll Be Your Best Friend.

Love me and I'll be your best friend and you won't have to be alone ever again
I'll sing with you in the sunshine I'll shelter you from the raindrops and the wind
Love me and I'll be your best friend

I wanna be your lover and and slowly spread your hair down on my pillow
I wanna hold you close to me and feel your gentle breathing on my skin
And when the loving's over I'm gonna wrap my arms around your shoulders
Look you in the eyes whisper baby that's the best it's ever been
Then I wanna lie with you and listen to the thoughts that you've been thinking
Found out where you coming from what it really is that makes you fly

I want you to know I'm somene you can go and rest your troubles
Whatever you can cross or a mountain you can climb up to the sky
Love me and I'll be your best friend...

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