Вершы: All Idols Fall. Standing On The Brink - EP. The Journey.

As the sun goes down my words have turned to dust,
We always thought that you were someone (We, Could, Trust)
As we all part the flames they linger on,
The memories of you stay and (Burn, My, Heart)

Is this the way to go?
or is there another turn at hand?
(How long?)
(How far?)
Until the journeys end,

The pain it takes a hold,
And tightens up my chest,
I try to scream out loud,
With all of my own breath,

(How long?)
(How far?)
Until the journeys end,

(How long?)
(How far?)
Until we meet again,

What does this mean?
And how do I forgive?
I feel so numb,
right down to the core,

As we reach the end,
Theres not that far to go,

Just hold on tight theres not that far to go,

As we reach the end the sun it starts to rise,
i cant believe my self that we've (come, so, Far)
The scars that have been made, I wear with pride
Because this is us,
and our journeys end