Вершы: Chuckie Akenz. When I'm Gone Remix.

When Im Gone Let Dem Remember All The Things That I Achieved
A Little Something For Those People That Could Never Believe
A Kid Like Me, Born Through Poverty, No Conscience U See
No Father Figure, Noone Figured That Predominately
Id Grow Up, To Be Curupt From The Enviroment Im In
Where Everybodys Life Is Lost Before They Even Begin
So How Da Hell We Suppose To Win Wen The Sun Here Dont Even Shine
N Everyday Im On The Grind Wish I Could Turn Back The Time
So Instead Im Living Crime, Dont Look At Me Like Im Jus Stupid
How The Fuck Can U Judge My Life If U Never Been Through It
I Just Do This For The Music, So I Hustle To Survive
N One Day Ill Change The World So Deres No Struggle No Deprived
Dey'll Say 'chuckie Said It Right', Cuz My Words Could Never Lie
N My Soul Could Neva Die Cuz My Heart N Song Collide
We Belong Together, My Heart In A Song, Nothing Is Realer
When Im Gone Hope Dey Remember Me As More Then Just A Dealer

When Im Gone I Just Wanna Be Remembered As Me, As Me, As Me [x2]
Cuz Wen Im Gone, Wen Im Gone, Wen Im Gone

So Many Nights That I've Been Cold From Just Hangin Out On The Street
Cant Go Home, Until I Sold Every Dime N Rock Just To Eat
N If U Dont Kno, Dont Speak, Cuz U Can Never Understand
The Sacrifices That I Make In Order To Fulfill My Plan
N A Job Aint For Me Man, A 9 To 5 I Cant Do
I Got To Many Criminal Records My Life Is So Screwed
N So My Attitude Brews, Ill Do Whatever It Takes
Live This Life The Hard Way For Im Determined To Make
To Be Big Like An Estate, To This World Ill Demonstrate
To Open Eyes To A New Era From All The Songs I Create
Which Other Artist, Came Farthest, With The Ways I Took, Honest
Made A Name With No Dollers, Could Neva Follow Regardless
Not The Strongest Or Tallest, Just A Chin Kid From The Block
That Spit The Real Shit, U Never Ever Heard It From Us Huh?
Dont Be Mistaken, Im From The Hood Dont Mean Im Fuckin Black
Im Fuckin Asian, Its Time To See How This World Gon React

When Im Gone I Just Wanna Be Remembered As Me, As Me, As Me [x2]
Cuz Wen Im Gone, Wen Im Gone, Wen Im Gone

You Know Its Funny, I Use To Think About It Everyday
And When I Had It, I Couldnt Believe It Got Pulled Away
But U Kno What They Say, He Works Mysterious Ways
N I Cant Forget, Remember It Like Veterans Day
At A Time Wen It Was Dark, U Helped Me Find It In My Heart
Another Piece To Lifes Puzzle That Was There From The Start
A Love That Formed From An Art, An Art We Both Loved, It Was Perfect
Or So I Thought, Until We Ended Up Calling In A Forfiet
Inside I Find It Bullshit, But I Guess I Cant Be Selfish
Who Am I To Get Between Ur Family And Ur Friendships
So Its Music From Now, My Heart Can No Longer Be Played Wit
All I Kno Is Sell Drugs, Make Music And Fuck Bitchs
Make Moves N Get Riches, See My Hustle Never Stop
N I Kno Alot Of People Wanna See My Ass Popped
Thats Why I Keep This Gun Cocked, Cuz Ever Since That Fuckin Night
I Aint Slipping Agian, Aint Goin Out Without A Fight
N See Im Kinda Flattered Cuz It Took That Much To Take Me
These 10 Pussies With Guns Still Not Enough To Break Me
How Many Times Have I Been Shot At, Cuz A Week Before That
I Had A 380 Pop Off In My Face, I Ignored That
But After I Got Touched, Dont U Notice Gun Crime Went Up
Cuz My Hood Is On Fire N We Just Dont Give A Fuck
I Seen To Many Ppl Shot This Whole Summer Its Been Crazy
Cant Forget 2005 Cuz This Year Is What Changed Me
Im Surprised I Aint Crazy, Hearing Shots In The Dark
N Wen I Wake Up In The Morning Its Just Weed That I Spark
To Try Forget My Broke Heart, N All The Curses N Blessings
But Cant Forget 'to Reach The Top So We'll Be Closer To Heaven'

When Im Gone I Just Wanna Be Remembered As Me, As Me, As Me [x2]
Cuz Wen Im Gone, Wen Im Gone, Wen Im Gone
Akenz, Chuckie