Вершы: Chuckie Akenz. Oh Girl.

Oh Girl I'd Be In Trouble If You Left Me Now
'cause I Don't Know Where To Look For Love
I Just Don't Know How, Oh Girl
How I Depend On You To Give Me Love
When I Need It Right On Time You Would
Always Be

Girl Theres Something In The Back Deep Down In My Heart
I Didn't See It At First But I Knew It From The Start
My Feelings Were Distorted How Could I Connected
All You Wanted Was A Man What You Got Was Disrespect
Recalect From The Days Girl You Had A Rocky Life
But At The Very Same Time I Longed For A Wife
A Troubled Kid From The Block Always Looking For Love
Seems Like Me And You Girl We Fit Like A Glove
Got A Hug From A Friend All You Needed Was Some Healing
But When We Touched We Got That Very Special Feeling
You Caught Me From The Back And I Had To Pop The Question
Can't Believe You Said Yes It Was Gods Blessin'
I Had A Guilty Face Yes I Was Turning Red
When You Said Those Three Words I Had No More Tears To Shed
I Layed You In The Bed Then I Held You In My Arms
Promised You The World Girl And Keep You From Harm

Oh Girl Tell Me, What Am I Gonna Do
I Know I Got A Guilty Face
Girl I Feel So Out Of Place, Oh Yeah Yeah (Ha Yeah)
Don't Know Where To Go Who To See Yeah

I Ain't Never Been The Type To Fall In Love And Thats True
But Damn Baby Girl Im Infected With Your Flu
Infactuated With You I'm Proud To Say Your Mine
And You Smile So Beautiful It Probably Cure All The Blind
And Fuck Being Friends I Got A Million Already
But I Need A Special Girl For My Own To Be My Lady
And You Know You My Baby And You Got My Love Girl
You My Diamond My Wife My Lover And My World
Ain't A Single Fucking Girl That Would Ever Catch My Eye
The Way My Eyes Dart On Your Breast And Your Thigh
Ha I'm Just Joking Babe You Know That I Love Ya
I Wanna Be With You Forever Kissing Of Ya
You Know I Love Ya Cause I Love To Make A Scene
That Way I Show The World Whose My Mother Fucking Queen
You The Reason I Smile Through The Bullshit Boo
And Fuck Bonnie And Clyde Its About Me And You

Oh Girl Tell Me What Am I Gonna Do
I Know I Got A Guilty Face
Girl I Feel So Out Of Place, Oh Yeah Yeah
Don't Know Where To Go Who To See Yeah

I Would Travel Into Space Just To Bring You A Star
And See The Look On Your Face When I Bring You To Far

Some Say The Sunrise Is The Beautifulest Thing
But I Say Seeing You Is More Precious Than A Ring

Its Okay Dry Your Tears All I Got For You Is Love
When I Hear Your Voice Girl Its Like An Angel From Above

Aint A Single Fucking Thing Can Never Match My Love For You
I Keep Your Heart By My Side Cause I Aint Above Of You

We Had Our Little Struggles But Our Love Will Never Part
Trust Me When I Say This Is Coming From The Heart

Your My Equal My Partner My Smiles And My Laughs
You My Wife My Life Also Known My Better Half

Just Read My Lips Girl What I'm Saying Is True
Because I.L.O.V.E.Y.O.U

You Ain't Lived 'til You Love Thats What They Seem To Say
And I Guess I'll Die Happy Knowing Your Love Is Here To Stay

Oh Girl I Guess I'd Better Go
I Could Save Myself A Lot Of Useless Tears
Girl I Gotta Get Away From Here

Oh Girl, Pain Will Double If You Leave Me Now
Cause I Don't Know Where To Look For Love
And I Don't I Don't Know How

Oh Yeah... Mmmm...
Akenz, Chuckie
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