Вершы: Chuckie Akenz. Alone.

Yeh, uh huh
A life is a game,
Everybody gotta play it,
But when the game is over,
Ain't nobody gon' say it,
Whenever we pass a second,
As my pushing inside,
If the day came by, and I die,
Would they cry?
Coz I'm tired of lies
Who's really by your side?
I survive each day,
But my music, I get high,
Kinda funny ain`t it?
This shit we go thru
Sometimes the drug's too
But got the top two
Seems like I need an escape
From this world, from my mum
From my friends, even my girl,
Coz I lived it all,
From this ghetto I was part,
Most people ain`t use to
Hearing shots when it's dark
Walk alone in the park,
Nobody insight,
Flashbacks of memories from everyday fights
I always knew life was hard,
But not for this long
Everyday gets harder
Everything I do is wrong
And sometimes I don't even know what to do
Except in the day watch my skin bloom
Got problems at home,
Got trouble with the law
I got violence outside
In my dream to be a star
Never thought one person could
Make it go away
With a smile so bright
It always brighten my day
Kinda shameful
That drugs keep me sane
How can someone you love
Bring so much pain.
Akenz, Chuckie